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Media Strategies


Featuring your company with the right media tools through exclusive interviews, commentary, analysis, and investor news, helps your company reach your target audience with a rich-media message. Your company will quickly gain exposure rapidly and become recognized throughout the financial community, worldwide. Our dedicated team of professionals will enable you to create a professional appearance and deliver a clear message for your company utilizing videos, editorials, news dissemination, ongoing interviews, analysis reports etc., which will gain recognition and build the credibility of your company. We will efficiently distribute your company messages through Traditional Media Sources, Social Media Sources, and our proprietary public and private network of worldwide investors. We will reach out to our appropriate resource partners, and our dedicated team of media specialists who will insure that your company message(s), written, photos, videos or otherwise, will be done in total compliance standards, and in the right sequence, which will optimize the most effective two-way communication with the financial community, at all times.



Media Tools

The utilization of videos to convey company information and create a pulling force of interent visit our video media page.

News Dissemination

Once your company news has been released and posted for all the public to see on a news media such as Yahoo or Google. our media team will create a search engine optimized (SEO)press release precisely targeted to the proper geographic and industry vertical markets, to maximize the effectiveness of your company's news. The visually rich, and new improved press release will be intertwined throughout the financial community through strategic links to maximize your company's exposure and increase the likelihood of it being picked up by various news sources. In addition, we distribute each release through our exclusive network of worldwide investors, key influencers, channel partners, journalists, newsrooms, financial reporters, and bloggers.
Today's news consumer, journalist, and investor, need to be targeted with more than an ordinary text-only press release. Your news must engage. Press release headlines that include photos and videos are five times more likely to be clicked and viewed. Don't miss out on an opportunity to have your voice heard.

  • During the news dissemination phase, we will generate names, addresses, phone numbers, and/or email addresses which can be added to you data base for a follow up call, thanking them for their interest, and alerting them that they well be kept up to date on your company's latest news.
  • Continued contact with your loyal customers, investors, and prospects will utilize targeted email marketing. In fact, it enables companies to reach the right audience of investors, financial institutions, advisor networks, brokers and broker dealers, all designed to improve your company's image in pursuit of your company's goals.

Social Media / Corporate Campaigns

Social media has become an integral part of business these days. But the C-suite execs don't have the time to learn the new platforms and research inspiring campaigns. To implement a social media strategy with your company is more important than ever before.
Social Media Strategy consist of the application of social media tools, platforms and networks; in a way that is consistent with an organizations overall marketing and communication plan; using methods that generate results. First we decide how a Social Media strategy consists fits your company's overall vision, and how Social Media might amplify the culture of your organization as well as the existing marketing plan. We will look at any and all Social media tools that can help your business but we usually start with the primary ones.

Additionally there are numerous secondary social media platforms that also may be suitable for your company, and our media specialists will make their recommendations accordingly.
If you are using in-bound marketing to drive prospects to your website, have you changed the way you sell? Many companies have not changed their sales metrics, retrained their staff or adjusted the sales/marketing staff ration. We will secure all appropriate guidance for the most effective sales processes in these modern day technological times.